11 Things Humans Do That Cats Dislike

Our cats enrich our lives so much, it pains us to think that we’d do anything to upset them. However, there is a slight language barrier between our species and theirs, so there are things we may accidentally do that they dislike. If you’ve done anything on the list below, don’t worry; nobody is perfect (except our cats, of course!) and luckily, our felines always find it in their hearts to forgive us. But by being aware of what bothers them, we … Read more

Trucker & His Rescue Cat Co-Pilot Cruise The Country

Paul Robertson doesn’t need one of those bobble-head dashboard ornaments for his big rig. He’s got something even better! His rescue cat, Percy, rides by his side everywhere he goes on a special platform Robertson built just for him. The life of a long haul trucker can get awfully lonely, so when Robertson’s beloved kitty, Howie, passed away last year, he decided to rescue another fellow feline traveler. When Percy and Robertson first met, the trucker noticed that the orange … Read more

20 Cat Expressions That Purrfectly Sum Up Your Life

Cats are very expressive creatures. Often, we can tell what they’re feeling just by the looks on their faces. Sometimes, those looks perfectly depict how we’re feeling, too! From groggy early mornings to late nights out, here are 20 hilarious cat expressions that perfectly sum up some of the very human situations that we find ourselves in day to day.   1. When you refuse to let anything come between you and your morning coffee:   A photo posted by Rollercoaster (@yory) on Sep … Read more

When The Human’s Away, The Cats Will…BALLET!

What do cats do when we’re not watching? Contrary to the popular belief that they spend their time lounging, sunning, napping, nibbling, and even swatting around a feather toy every so often, it turns out this may not always be true. We know that cats are graceful, agile athletes, but apparently, they can also be skilled dancers. Only, they usually wait until no one is looking to bust a move. This means that a lot of their fancy footwork has gone unseen–until … Read more

Hero Cat Saves Humans From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If Bob the cat was spoiled with his toy box and food presents before, he’s certainly living like royalty, now that he saved his humans’ lives! The Lindsey’s of Cleveland, Ohio rescued Bob four years ago. Now seven, this lucky black kitty has made sure to return the favor.   Back in February, the Lindsey’s installed a remote control car starter in their car, which was in the garage attached to the house. They went to bed that night, as … Read more

Couple Adopts Stray, But They’re In For A Pleasant Surprise

Now newly-engaged, couple Sara Nozaki and Grant Olson were on the search for a cat to live with them in their New York City apartment. That’s when fate stepped in. “I looked at adoption agencies and such. Meanwhile, Grant was casually browsing the New York City subreddit, where he found a post with Wilbur’s picture saying, ‘does this cat belong to anyone?’” explained Sara to Love Meow. She continued, “In the post, the redditor (now our friend Emma) explained that they had found … Read more

Meet The Woman Who Claims She’s A Cat Trapped In A Human’s Body

You know of people being transgender, but have you ever heard of people who consider themselves “trans-species”? In Oslo, Norway, 20-year-old Nano identifies herself as a cat. She said her lightbulb moment came when she was told by doctors she had a “genetic defect” at the age of sixteen. That’s when she realized why she was different: she was really a cat. While uncommon,  Nano is not alone in feeling she embodies the spirit of an animal. There is a phenomenon called Otherkin, which … Read more