Irish Citizen Rescues Sick Athens Street Kitten, Gives Him A New Life In The Emerald Isle

Having grown up in Ireland, a nation known for its kindness to animals, Laoisen Doyle was shocked by the number of cats on the streets of Athens, Greece. While living there last year, one kitten in particular caught her attention. The pitiful creature was hiding beneath a trash can. Skinny, sickly, and covered in parasites, Doyle knew it could not survive without her help. “He wasn’t moving, and his eyes had fused closed,” she told the Irish Post. “He was … Read more

Family Fled, Then Lost Their Cat In Another Country; Watch Their Miraculous Reunion

Canines may be notorious for their loyalty, but this cat’s perseverance will rival even the most devoted dog! Kunkush is a kitty beloved by his family, consisting of a mother and five children. When they had to flee Iraq, there was no question that the cat was going to accompany them.   In November 2015, the family arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos on a rubber inflatable boat along with a crowd; In just that month, about 100,000 people found refuge … Read more