5 Natural Ways to Let Your Cat Relax

Watching your kitty stress out can stress you out too – it’s not just your imagination, it’s been proven. Stress isn’t good for humans or pets, but whatever the reason for your cat’s anxiety, it can often be easily relieved. You can help your cat relax without medication, at home, and in natural ways. Check out some of our tips to let your high-strung kitty chill out. 1. Music Researchers studying the effects of music on cats found that those … Read more

What To Do When You Have To Leave Your Anxious Cat At Home All Day

It’s widely known that dogs can have separation anxiety, but the fact is, cats can suffer from it, too. Although they are often thought of as solitary creatures who enjoy their “alone” time, your sensitive kitty may actually be extra stressed while you’re away. Perhaps you’ve never considered whether your cat has separation anxiety, and if you’re unsure, look for clues that may indicate nervous behavior. Pet writer Katie Finlay explains some signs of separation anxiety: Excessive grooming, crying when … Read more

How Scent Can Calm Your Anxious Kitty

We humans love aromatherapy. Even if you’re not the type to buy scented candles or burn incense, we’re all susceptible to the awesome power of smell. Think about the feeling you get when you encounter a familiar smell – like a shampoo someone you love uses, the smell of a pie baking in the oven, or even that cinnamon-y scent when you’re walking past the Cinnabon in the mall! Scents can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, make you feel … Read more