What To Do When You Have To Leave Your Anxious Cat At Home All Day

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on August 30, 2017

It’s widely known that dogs can have separation anxiety, but the fact is, cats can suffer from it, too. Although they are often thought of as solitary creatures who enjoy their “alone” time, your sensitive kitty may actually be extra stressed while you’re away.

Perhaps you’ve never considered whether your cat has separation anxiety, and if you’re unsure, look for clues that may indicate nervous behavior.

Pet writer Katie Finlay explains some signs of separation anxiety:

Excessive grooming, crying when the owner leaves, overly excited greetings upon the owner’s return, vomiting, urinating and defecating outside the litter box, a loss of appetite and destructive behavior – such as clawing and scratching at the bottom of doors to escape their apparent solitary confinement – are all ways cats show us their distress.

Have you noticed any of these signs and wondered about the reason behind them? (Note: any changes in behavior, especially sudden, should always warrant a call to your vet.)

The fact is, we all have to leave the house at some point, and sadly, our cats usually can’t come with us. So if you’ve come home to shredded curtains or a pee spot outside the litter box – and your kitty is perfectly well-behaved while you’re home – the culprit may be a case of separation anxiety.

You can ease your cat’s stress by offering her a Comfort Cuddler™, a snuggly toy that smells like you. Just tuck a worn t-shirt or slept-on pillowcase into the pouch, and your kitty will be soothed by your scent as she curls up with it.

The Comfort Cuddler™ can lower anxiety if you have to board your cat or leave her with a pet sitter. You can also place one of these huggable toys into her kennel for car rides or vet visits, two things that may make her feel very nervous.

Aside from helping your cat feel calmer and less stressed, the purchase of each Comfort Cuddler™ provides a toy to a shelter cat to help ease her anxiety, too! You’d do anything to keep your kitty as relaxed and happy as possible, and this simple little trick can make a world of difference.

To pick up a Comfort Cuddler™ for your cat and automatically donate a toy to a shelter cat in need, click here

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