Beautiful Cat-Safe Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and cats can be a dangerous combination. Climbing the tree can cause it to topple, tree water that contains preservatives can be toxic, tinsel can clog digestive systems, and ornaments are basically fragile cat toys. So what’s the best way for cat owners to safely celebrate the holidays? These people found clever ways to create beautiful alternatives to the classic Christmas tree that are more pet-friendly than a tree on the floor. Hanging your Christmas tree from the … Read more

12 Cats Who Aren’t Feeling The Christmas Vibe

We humans LOVE Christmas, but our cats? Not so much. Think about it: to them, it’s the time of year when their humans put a lovely smelling tree in the living room and cover it with hanging balls that resemble their toys… only they’re not allowed to play with them. It’s when lots of strangers come into their house and make a lot of noise, and when humans sometimes dress them up, which they really, really don’t like! It may be … Read more