6 Ways To Create A Home That Nurtures Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Even the most domesticated cat is very tuned in to the instincts she inherited from her wildcat ancestors. Sometimes these instincts can be rather silly. For instance, why does your cat insist on hunting anything that moves when there’s a bowl full of kibble in the kitchen? Silly or not, cats are driven by their instincts to act in certain ways. Understanding why cats do the things they do can help us provide the best homes for our cats. Here … Read more

Avoid Overfeeding Your Cat With These 5 Tips

Feline obesity is on the rise. While chubby cats sure are cute and fun to cuddle with, the extra weight can make your cat far more susceptible to health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, and liver disease. Along with making sure your cat gets regular exercise through play, keeping an eye on her diet can help keep her at a healthier and safer weight. Here are 5 tips to avoid overfeeding your cat. Related: 10 Most Common Cat Obesity Related … Read more

How To Help A Semi-Feral Cat Adjust To Your Home

The creatures we befriend (feline, human, or otherwise) aren’t always the easiest to love. Many of the cats who need us the most haven’t had loving and supportive histories. Many may have been abused, neglected, or abandoned before coming into our lives. Semi-feral (as opposed to fully feral) means a cat has been socialized to some extent but remains largely untrusting  and skittish. Welcoming a semi-feral cat into your home and family will require extra work and patience. Here are … Read more

Is Your Cat A Nighttime Chatter? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Get Some Rest

Your cat is a nocturnal animal because her wildcat ancestors used to hunt under the cloak of darkness. Your domestic cat still maintains the instinctual need to stalk and hunt all night, even though you keep her food bowl full. While it’s completely natural and normal for a cat to explore at night, it can be frustrating when a cat yowls and prevents you from getting the sleep you need. If the nighttime chatter is new for your cat, your … Read more

I Attended A Workshop About Caring For Neonatal Kittens. Here Are 6 Things I Learned

This time of year brings us warmer weather, lush new foliage… and kitten season. If cats are on your radar (and I suspect they are if you’re reading this), it’s nearly impossible to avoid stories from shelters and rescue organizations all over the world who are preparing for the imminent kitten-plosion. If you have the ability to donate your time, skills, resources, or money, now’s the time to get involved. Since kittens require a lot of extra attention and have … Read more

7 Ways To Curb Cat Shedding In Your Home

Unless your cat is one of the rare hairless breeds, chances are pretty good that you’ve got a fur problem. Just like you, your cat sheds her hair naturally as a part of her body’s renewing process. While shedding is normal and healthy, it can feel like an endless battle to remove your cat’s clingy, wispy hair from your clothing and furniture. I support your decision if you want to wear your fur-covered shirt as a badge of honor…. but … Read more

5 Amazing Ways Cats Stay Cool In The Hot Summer

Summer is coming, and many of us have already broken out the tank tops and sunscreen. It’s easy to look at your cat’s luxuriously thick coat and think she must be miserable in the heat. After all, you’d be practically dying if you were wearing a coat in this weather! Luckily, your cat does a very good job at regulating her body temperature and her fur coat plays a big role. Here are 5 important ways your cat stays cool … Read more

8 Ways To Help Ease Your Cat Into Their Senior Years

It’s hard watching our cats grow old; we want them to stay young and frisky forever. Believe me, they want to stay young and frisky forever, too. A cat depends heavily on having an agile body, quick reflexes, and sharp senses, and it can be distressing when they begin to decline. As caretakers and friends, it’s our job to make sure our cats are able to transition into this new stage of life easily. Here are 8 tips to make … Read more

6 Ways To Maintain Your Bond As Your Cat Becomes A Senior

Getting older can be very overwhelming for your cat. A lot of the traits and senses she uses to understand her environment and feel safe (agility, hearing, sight, smell) become dull or nonexistence, and she may have to completely re-learn how to navigate without them. As her needs change, so may your relationship with her. You may have to do a bit more work to make sure her needs are met and that you’re able to maintain your amazing bond. … Read more

Could Tap Water Be Causing Health Issues In Pets?

We all want to do anything we can to keep our pets healthy and happy. Urinary issues are a BIG problem in both felines and canines. Giving your pet a better life might be as simple as changing their water. Trupanion, a leading provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs, released a report this week that identified a correlation between urinary health conditions among pets and hard water ratings in U.S. cities as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency … Read more