Sweet Kid Hangs Out with Neighbor’s One-Eyed Cat Daily

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

Ace may look a bit rough, but he is a friendly and playful cat who loves attention. While some people are scared of him because of his looks, one young boy feels the opposite.

Ace likes to sit on his front porch and watch the world. Every day, he has a visitor he is excited to see. Norma Maikovitch, Ace’s owner, put up security cameras to keep Ace safe. She soon noticed a regular guest on her property.

Each day, a young boy from the neighborhood comes to see Ace and shower him with love. When Ace sees the boy coming, he gets up and goes over to him. The boy, trying to be respectful, stays near the sidewalk with his bike, but Ace, being stubborn, lies down at the top of the driveway.

The boy can’t resist Ace’s furry belly and comes over to sit next to him. Ace shows his love by rolling around and getting lots of pats. Cats usually protect their bellies, but Ace trusts this boy.

Ace often rolls just out of the boy’s reach, making him move closer again and again. Finally, Ace will settle in the boy’s lap for a moment before rolling away. Norma saw all this on her surveillance tapes and realized the boy visits Ace almost every day.

Next time she saw the boy, Norma told him it was okay to visit and keep Ace company anytime. “A friend of Ace’s,” Norma said, “is a friend of ours.”

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