Sweet Cat Loves His Blankie

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on February 18, 2020

Sweet house panther Renly loves his blankie. Why? Because his mom and dad gave it to him when he became their foster fail kitty forever!

From his earliest days as an itty-bitty kitten, the rescued black cat has found great comfort in his parents’ arms while snuggled inside his blanket and holding onto his stuffed bunny. Now, as a sleek gentleman nearing adulthood, he still loves his baby blankie and bunny.

But Renly is no selfish kitty. He happily shares his blanket with his canine brothers as the kind cat wants to be sure the entire family feels as loved and secure as he does…

Courtesy of Sara Budzynowski

Foster to Furever

Working in a veterinarian’s office affords an opportunity to meet plenty of animals, and while they’re all amazing, some critters just jump up and snatch your heart away.

This very thing happened to Sara Budzynowski when she met Renly the kitten.

Employed at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, Sara first laid eyes on the black kitten when he and his littermates were taken into The Sparky Fund. The fund is part of the hospital and works to find homes for animals in need.

And little Renly was in need…


He and his littermates were only three weeks old when Sara met them. All the kittens were healthy except little Renly. An infection had turned part of his tail into a mess and had to be amputated before the infection could take over the kitten’s vulnerable body.

Sara told The Dodo, “About a week after he got that part of his tail amputated, I took him home to foster him and the rest was history.”

Courtesy of Sara Budzynowski

Renly became a foster fail, but that’s okay, because he found his forever home.

A Baby and His Blankie

Everywhere Renly goes, his blanket comes too. Sara said, “He always loved his blanket from the day we took him home and usually carries it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it.”

Courtesy of Sara Budzynowski

And as a big brother to Corgi pups, Hotch and Azula, Renly wants them to feel the comfort of his blankie too.

Sara Budzynowski/Facebook

“Hotchner and Renly sleep in the same room and sometimes when we come home from work to let them out, we see that Renly will put his blanket next to Hotch’s crate and Hotch will try to pull it inside the crate with him, so it’s like Renly is trying to share it with him too.”

Courtesy of Sara Budzynowski

“Over the months, that blanket has seen a lot and has gone through the wash so many times, but I can’t bear to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”

In a family so happy and secure, Renly and his blanket will be together for many, many years to come!

H/T: The Dodo
Feature Image: Courtesy of Sara Budzynowski

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