Kitten Found Comfort In Stuffed Monkey While Waiting For True Love

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 28, 2024

Two orphaned kittens, each found in distressing but separate circumstances, eventually met and forged a profound bond. The first of the pair, a little brown Tabby named Sunshine, was rescued in San Francisco by Saving Grace Rescue. She endured a traumatic start with her paw ensnared in a mousetrap. Despite her ordeal, Sunshine recuperated swiftly and revealed a sunny, affectionate demeanor that earned her the name Sunshine at her foster home. Craving companionship, she would often snuggle with toys or curl up in the laps of her foster parents, who recognized her need for a fellow kitten companion.

As fate would have it, Saving Grace Rescue soon received a call about another kitten in distress. This three-week-old orphan, suffering from a tail injury, was named Cheddar. His personality made him stand out, with his expressive eyes and loud voice. Cheddar was brought to the same foster home where Sunshine was staying. Upon meeting, Sunshine tenderly welcomed him with a gentle pat on his back, signaling her approval of the new arrival.

Cheddar, smaller and equally eager for affection, was overjoyed to have Sunshine as his new sister. The kittens quickly formed a close connection, playing and cuddling together as if they had never been apart. Their foster mother, Joyce, observed the deepening relationship: “They were both singletons, so I think they really enjoyed having each other. They played, slept, and even ate from the same dishes,” she mentioned in the video below.

As they grew, their antics expanded to include shared adventures around the house, echoing meows for breakfast, and socializing with resident cats. Under Sunshine’s watchful eye, Cheddar’s confidence blossomed. She supported him as he ventured his first clumsy steps, and before long, he was robust enough to join her in playful wrestling. Despite his smaller size, Cheddar proved a spirited match, keeping Sunshine engaged with his boundless energy.

After several weeks, the kittens, now healthy and old enough to go to their forever family, were ready to find a permanent home. They were eventually adopted by a loving family, where they joined a canine sibling named Panko. The trio immediately formed a lasting bond, taking to their new dog friend as though they were destined to be together.

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