Coyote Uses Pet Door to Enter House and Faces Off With Cat

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

When people consider getting an animal to protect their homes, they often think of a large, intimidating guard dog. However, in some instances, it’s actually cats that turn out to be the most protective.

This was exactly the case for a family in Los Angeles, whose cat managed to scare off an unwelcome visitor. Early one morning, the family was awakened by a commotion in their living room. Although the noise soon stopped, the cause was initially unclear. When the homeowners investigated, they found only their visibly agitated cat.

The next morning, the family reviewed their surveillance footage and were astonished to discover that a wild coyote had entered their home through a doggy door. The coyote was exploring the house when it encountered the cat. Despite the significant size difference, the coyote was clearly frightened by the fierce feline, retreating with its tail between its legs as the cat aggressively hissed and ran across the dining room chairs. The coyote quickly fled, avoiding any potential swipes from the angry cat. Thanks to their brave pet, the family was safe.

Encounters with coyotes are not unusual in this neighborhood. According to Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW), coyotes play a crucial role in the local ecosystem and offer various benefits. Nonetheless, they are still wild animals and should be avoided.

Residents of the neighborhood have noticed that coyotes have become bolder and more aggressive in recent years. This change in behavior is partly attributed to some people leaving food out for the animals. Ron Lauer, a long-time resident, has captured numerous videos on his home security system showing coyotes roaming the neighborhood.

“They can hop a 6-foot fence…” Lauer mentions, “…If they want to get in, they’ll find a way.” He even has footage of coyote packs howling loudly through the night.

To mitigate the risk of coyote encounters, residents are advised to secure their garbage bins, avoid leaving food outside, including pet food, and always keep pets within sight and on a leash. Additionally, young children should not be allowed to play outside unsupervised.

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