Rescuer Brings Feral Cat Back To Community But He Begs To Stay With Her

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 20, 2024

A feral cat, having lived on the streets his entire life, was recently nursed back to health, enjoying nourishing food and secure shelter. Despite his wild nature, he signaled to his rescuer that he had no desire to return to his previous life. Ashley, a rescuer specializing in trap, neuter, return (TNR) operations and fostering from Washington, took in this cat, who was caught in Everett. The cat, later named Stud Muffin, was initially suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and was quite fearful due to his minimal human contact.

Although Stud Muffin had been feral for approximately years, Ashley sensed that he might eventually allow her to pet him. The Community Cat Coalition assisted her in obtaining medication for his infection, which gradually improved. Initially, Stud Muffin would hiss when Ashley approached to feed him. However, over time, as he realized she was not a threat, he began observing her from his safe spot atop a cat tree.

“I took a risk and put my hand towards him; he let me rub his head and even let me apply medication,” Ashley recounted.

After several weeks, Stud Muffin fully recovered and was neutered. He had fathered many kittens, but thankfully, that cycle was brought to an end. Despite his recovery, he remained shy and often hid from people. Ashley decided to give him the choice to return to the feral community by leaving the crate open, but Stud Muffin retreated further inside, indicating his preference to stay. Ashley then closed the crate and brought him home permanently.

“Stud Muffin has decided he doesn’t want to be a feral kitty anymore,” Ashley declared.

His digestion was still adapting to regular meals, so Ashley pampered him with chicken and rice at every feeding. Now, Stud Muffin rules their garage and has a little hut where he can hide. He also enjoys sitting on the windowsill, watching the outdoors, and playing with kittens trapped in the same area.

Ashley is patient and hopeful that with continued love and care, Stud Muffin will fully adjust to his new life. “I’m happy to say I have someone coming next week who is interested in fostering and possibly adopting him, and another person offered to cover his adoption fee,” Ashley added, optimistic about his future.

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