So Adorable! These Cute Cuddly Rescue Kitties Just Won’t Stop Hugging!

There’s nothing cuter than cuddly little kittens! From their tiny paws to their pink noses, and especially those beautiful eyes…We love everything about them! They are just so irresistible! We love to watch them play, and we even love to watch them sleep so peacefully! They are just so cute and entertaining to watch!

The kittens in the video below are even cuter! Why? Well these two rescued babies just won’t stop hugging each other! Everyone, meet Happy and Arang! Happy and Arang are both rescued and they just happen to be the sweetest kitties ever! Watch the video below and see these babies hugging each other while they sleep!

Awwww…they are just so cute!! I just wanna pick them up, hug them, and give them both a kiss!!!

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