Silly Cat And Her Bread Pillow–Watch What She Does With It!


Silly cat! Why, she’s never without her bread pillow which she rests her chin on ALL the time. Why is that, cat? Do you have a head that’s far too big and heavy for you to carry?

No, silly! I love watching tennis and following the ball is sure tiring so I have my bread pillow with me to rest my chin on when I get tired and when I want to take a nap, I can do so anywhere! And between you and me, I think I look a lot cuter with my pillow propped up under my chin, don’t you think so too? Besides, haven’t you heard of a security pillow before? Go away now, I’m about to watch some more tennis, shoo!

Well, I think you just have a big head, so there! Oh okay, maybe you’re just one lazy old bones and I’m going to share this video so other cat lovers will think so too. Mommmmm…cat’s fighting me!!

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