Shiro The Cat Likes To Take His Naps Just Like Us!


Cats sleep as much as 16 hours a day; older cats tend to sleep even longer at around 20 hours a day. You may think they’re lazy butts, but all of that rest is in your kitty cat’s genes! In the wild, cats have to hunt, stalk, chase and kill to survive and that requires a whole lot of energy. Domesticated cats do that in their own way, what we see as playing and having fun every day! Sleeping consistently is just what cats do, and that’s also why we tend to see them in crazy and weird napping positions all the time. All that playing often leads to unexpected catnaps!

Shiro the kitty in this video will show you how he likes to nap, on his back with his favorite blanket snuggled up to his chest–just like we do! Although his friend wanted him to wake up and play, Shiro has other plans to go over to his other favorite cardboard box bed and continue his long nap.

Poor little guy just wants to take a nice long nap, everybody else is in play mode! Share this video with your cat loving friends!

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