She Got A Kitten When She Was 5; 17 Years Later, They’re Still Inseparable


Sweden natives Anna and Missan have been best friends for over 17 years. The truly remarkable part is that Missan is a cat!

When Anna Hecimovic was 5 years old, her parents told her that they were moving, a change that many kids dread. Little Anna was no exception. She explained that as a youngster, she had a hard time leaving her familiar surroundings, like her house and her garden. 

Then her parents made her an enticing offer: in order to help her adjust, they’d get her a cat! So the family took the 2-hour trip to her cousin’s farm to choose from a new a litter of kittens that needed homes. For Anna, the choice was easy. She posted on Instagram:

“My mother found an orange cat she thought would be great, but I found a tiny white little cat that was about 6 weeks old that I instantly fell in love with, it was my little Missan.”

When Missan was old enough, Anna was finally able to take her best friend home.


And from that day forward, the two were inseparable.


Missan grew into a beautiful cat with wise, mystical eyes!



A photo posted by Missan, a 17 year old cat(@annamissan) on

Anna and Missan have enjoyed 17 years’ worth of birthdays and holidays together…

A photo posted by Missan, a 17 year old cat(@annamissan) on

“Happy birthday my beautiful Missan.”



A photo posted by Missan, a 17 year old cat(@annamissan) on


…and found companionship during their every day routines. “Every morning Missan and I eat breakfast together.”


“She sleeps together with me.”


“It feels tough knowing that we don’t have so many years left.”

“I’ve loved her since day one and we have a really special bond.”

Follow this beautiful friendship on Instagram, @annamissan.

Written by Karen Tietjen

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