See How This Kitten Reacts When He Sees His Own Reflection

Kittens are irresistibly adorable to and cat lover… and most people for that matter! We love the way they are so quick to react, and their skittish nature is apparent from the time they are very small.

In this precious video, it looks like someone just discovered his own reflection and it seems like he got fascinated right away. This kitty-cat got really curious about the imitating image in front of him. When he moved his paws, you can see his wondering face..questioning..”How on earth is this happening?” LOL! Startled by this unusual event, he went to the pair of shoes and got curious about those in the process. He played around, got in and out. After he’s done with the shoes, he looked at his own reflection again and tried to paw himself! Ohhh! Lucky you, you discovered fun in two things today!

Share this video if you love how this precious kitten was entranced by his own reflection. We know we loved it!

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