Search Continues For Beloved Cat Missing From Minnesota Care Center

Shadow the cat has called the Lake Ridge Care Center in Buffalo, Minnesota, his home for over a decade. The handsome Russian Blue used to live with one of the residents, and after that person passed away, he stayed on at Lake Ridge. At the age of 16, he’s provided comfort and care to so many residents of the facility. You might say he’s a smoky, silver piece of feline magic that knows how to soothe souls.

This special cat is an important part of the care facility, but now he’s been missing for more than two weeks. Residents and staff are distraught over his absence. Volunteers have been diligently searching for him and ask everyone in the area to keep their eyes open for their lost Shadow.

Hoping To Find a Precious Friend

Nicole Mull used to work at Lake Ridge and told Fox 9 Shadow brought something special to everyone at the center.

“Everyone that comes in the door, he greets them… and just petting him for a few moments just relaxes you and relieves that tension.”

Both Nicole’s grandparents lived at the facility, and Shadow gave them comfort in their times of need. But it wasn’t just her Grandpa and Grandma who felt touched by the special cat, Nicole explaining, “He brought me comfort… and my kids while we were all there visiting.”

She also recalled touching memories about Shadow and a young resident facing heartbreaking loss.

“He was wrapped in a blanket, and in the blanket she had Shadow,” Nicole shared. “Her tears were just rolling down her face and falling on Shadow, and he didn’t care. He was there for her comfort.”

Lake Ridge Care Center shared their appreciation for Shadow on their Facebook page, revealing how much their old man kitty loves his naps. He’s still full of spunk, though, “running around crazy throwing his mousies up in the air by the receptionist desk.”

“Whether it’s keeping residents company, stress therapy for employees or a welcoming introduction to nursing homes for kids – we are very thankful for having him around!!”

And now, Shadow needs their help to find his way home.

Hope Holds for Missing Cat to Find His Way Home

As cats love to do, Shadow enjoys gazing out the windows. On the day he went missing, the vigilant cat spotted stray cats outside the building. It’s believed Shadow slipped out to chase the strays. Nicole has been in charge of the efforts to find him, with her and other volunteers searching neighborhoods and parks nearby as well as posting pictures of the missing cat.

“We have done so much searching… hours and hours. We have gotten calls at 4 a.m. thinking they saw Shadow,” said Nicole.

With Shadow being gone for longer than two weeks, worries have grown, but hope remains for his return or that some kind soul has taken Shadow in.

If you have information or have seen Shadow, please call 612-875-9680.

Feature Image: Lake Ridge Care Center/Facebook

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