Scruffy Senior Cat Rescued From The Streets Can’t Stop Snuggling

We’ve featured a few stories of kitties who have found their forever homes at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League, an “adoption center and home for wayward cats.” Today we’ve got another sweet “tail” we can’t wait to share!

Pappy has the ultimate undercat story. He’s elderly (they think he’s over 13 years old). He’s scruffy. And when he was found, he was dirty and a stray. But this optimistic fellow is so happy to have a warm bed and yummy meals, he can’t hold back his affection!

“He’s skinny, sniffly, scraggly, and scabby, but he’s full of so much affection, and he is so dang thankful to have a place to call home,” Karyn Poplin told Love Meow. She owns the rescue along with her husband, Gerald. “He was clearly someone’s pet at one time,” she said of their newest addition.

Pappy has been at his new home for two weeks and he’s setting in wonderfully.

“…his wounds have healed nicely, he’s starting to see some new hair growth, and he’s put on some good healthy weight!” reads a post on the rescue’s Facebook page.

“He has a brand new shirt (because it’s Texas and our AC is on constantly, he gets chilly)…”

“…some new best friends…”

“…and best of all, he gets to snuggle in the bed with us!”

“Keep up the good work Pappy, you handsome devil you.”

(Notice how he’s snuggling or socializing someone in almost every picture!!)

It looks like Pappy finally has a place to be his sweet, snuggly self! Thanks to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League for your continuing your amazing work and saving the lives of so many wonderful cats!

Check out two other stories (here and here) of the rescue’s work that have been featured on iHeartCats!

(h/t: Love Meow)

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