Rescue Cat’s New Family Get More Than A Pet – They Also Get A Masseuse!

There are so many excellent reasons to adopt a cat: they’re sweet, loving, make excellent companions and (should you need one) natural-born hunters. Cats blow us away with everything they have to offer, but they’re always adding new tricks to their repertoire!

This is Banks, and at the time that this video was recorded, he was waiting for a home at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services Shelter in Bonita, California. It’s no surprise that he’s since found his forever home. It could be his adorable face, his big eyes… or his skilled paws!

Banks, unlike most cats, doesn’t just knead – he massages. He seems happy to return the favor when he gets a few nice scratchies from the woman in the video! Quick as a flash, he scratches her back, just as she scratched his! It’s quid-pro-quo for cats!

It’s a truly incredible pet that can greet you at the door when you come home and then offer you a massage after a long day! Don’t forget to scratch back, though!


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