Quark, A Kitten With A Quirk For Cuddles

What is a Quark?

ThoughtCo explains quarks are “fundamental particles in physics. They join to form hadrons, such as protons and neutrons, which are components of the nuclei of atoms.”

Nova Cat Clinic and Ellen Carozza, LVT, define a Quark as “a little orange kitten with a weird tail and sprinkling of CH.”

And something to remember about subatomic quarks? “Quarks are not observed independently but always in combination with other quarks.” And like the subatomic particle for which he’s named, Quark the kitten can usually be found snuggled up with other cats!


A Wobble In His Kitten Waddle

When Animal Welfare League of Arlington, VA, received a tiny orange kitten in need of special care, staff contacted Nova Cat Care. The little boy had a hard time with balance and problems eating which led to a slow growth rate. He would benefit greatly from the help the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund could provide an at-risk kitten.

Ellen Carozza, the Cat LVT, spoke to Love Meow about Quark’s condition upon her first meeting with the too cute tabby. “We did our basic intake exam and lab work and noticed he had a small systemic infection which our veterinarians prescribed antibiotics for.”

Quark also had a wobble in his kitten waddle as well as other “typical characteristics of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (where the cerebellum fails to develop properly due to a number of causes in cats).”


But the good news for Quark?

“CH cats do not need any special treatment. To themselves, they are totally normal!”

But Quark is a kitten and they are prone to trouble! Ellen explained, “We take precautions to have him in a safer environment by ‘CH proofing’ areas so if he wobbles and falls, he won’t hurt himself.”


A Purrito Who Loves a Snuggle

Quark enjoys the snug security of a good swaddling as it gives him an extra sense of stability. During the work week, he likes to be wrapped up and tucked into his foster mom’s scrubs pocket. He’s quite darling riding around with Heather!


Quark has also found some snuggle buddy kitties at the clinic when he’s there with Heather. Those familiar with Ellen’s Instagram have met “the incredible pettable” Eggbert via adorable photos. Turns out, Quark thinks Eggbert is amazing too!


Eggbert does enjoy the company, even if the distinguished adult kitty has to remind the wild little kitten to settle down sometimes!


Elvis also gets hugs and love from Quark and, as we see, they have much “important orange cat stuff” to discuss.


So, like his subatomic namesake, Quark enjoys being with the other quarks, especially those that love to snuggle too!

H/T: www.lovemeow.com
Feature Image: @thecatlvt/Instagram

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