Proof Cats Are Trying To Limit Human Intelligence


It’s no secret cats are trying to take over the world, but they might be better at it than we give them credit for. Most cat owners find some of their annoying behaviors somewhat endearing. After all, it’s pretty cute when they try to get in our faces while we’re reading or studying. What we never realized, however, is that they’re actually trying to stop humans from getting smarter. If they can outsmart us, they’ll quickly be able to take over the planet! Need proof? Here you have it.

#1 – “Oh hai, I see you’re trying to increase your vocabulary.”

Photo credit: Imgur

#2 – “No no, nothing for you to learn on the internet.”

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#3 – “Definitely no current events to learn about, Human. Don’t waste your time.”

Photo credit: Imgur

#4 – “Alas, I have destroyed the information machine.”

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#5 – “Stop reading. You must stop reading now.”

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#6 – “I’ve read this textbook. It’s worthless. You should return it. Education is overrated.”

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#7 – “Hmm, yes. I must report back to the clowder what the children are learning in school.”

Photo credit: Imgur

#8 – “What?! No. I would never try to destroy your studies. How could you accuse me of such atrocities?”

Photo credit: Imgur

#9 – “You’ve got better things to do than read, I promise.”

Photo credit: Imgur

#10 – “The humans are onto something big here. It must be stopped.”

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#11 – “My calculations show the humans are still lacking basic mathematical skills. For Pete’s sake, they can’t even keep the food bowl full.”

Photo credit: Imgur

#12 – Cats, trying to sabotage human existence and progression since the 15th century.

Photo credit: Imgur
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Written by Katie Finlay
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