Police Cat Gets Her Own Special Headquarters

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
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| Published on November 5, 2017

The North Patrol Division of the St. Louis Police Department have welcomed a new team member. Her name is Felony and her duties include “disposing” of leftover snacks, napping, and general cuteness.

The affectionate tabby cat began visiting the station in September, and soon she had nuzzled her way into the hearts – and headquarters – of her fellow officers.

“She was just really friendly,” Officer Thomas Halfhill told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “And I will admit I have a soft spot for helpless animals.”

The cat began to return each evening, curling into Halfhill’s lap during his breaks. One officer bought her a collar. Another took her to get spayed and vaccinated. Soon food bowls and flea and medication showed up at department headquarters.

Clearly, Felony had found herself a permanent home.

But it was Officer Halfhill’s contribution that really solidified the cat’s status as a fellow officer. He built Felony her very own police cat headquarters! The mini police station – created in Halfhill’s home workshop – features a cat door and an automatic heat lamp for winter warmth.

Officer Jamie Pitterly added the finishing touches, decorating Felony’s house with the Police Department logo, pictures of a cat and handcuffs and the words: “Trespassers will be purr-secuted.”

“People loved it,” Halfhill said. “And I think she did too.”

While it is wonderful that these brothers in blue rescued Felony, Halfhill says she performs a very important job for the department – emotional support.

“She’s been a great stress reliever,” he said. “I think she probably gets petted by at least a hundred people that are in and out of there every day.”


H/T to St. Louis Post Dispatch

Featured Images via Twitter/ St. Louis, MO Police

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