Police Cat Excels At His Job – When He’s Awake That Is!

An adorable police kitty named Troop Cat Ed became an internet sensation this week.

The 2-year-old orange tabby was caught on video behaving more like a keystone cop than a uniformed hero by his fellow officers at the NSW Mounted Police in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia.

It seems that instead of working hard, Ed spends most of his time hardly working! The professional ratter was caught snoozing on the job as a massive rodent frolics on a hay bale just inches from his perch.

One of the NSW Mounted Police officers adopted Ed earlier this year. He was appointed Captain of Rat Control and given the important job of guarding the stables and dispatching any rodent intruders.

Each morning, Troop Cat Ed begins his day bright eyed and bushy tailed. After breakfast he marches over to the stables to begin his rounds. He has a special hiding spot where he lies in wait, ready to pounce on unsuspecting trespassers as they scurry into the barn.

Ed has even been known to proudly deliver his kills to the main office so the other officers can marvel at his skill. The problem is that like most kitties, Ed tends to get a little drowsy around mid-afternoon. He is a cat after all; he can’t help it that his species requires 12 – 16 hours of sleep a day.

Luckily Ed’s fellow officers do not seem to mind the rescue cat’s shortcomings. In fact, Troop Cat Ed has quite the setup at the NSW Mounted Police headquarters. He has his own office complete with a space heater, and the stables make the perfect playground for the mischievous kitty. Ed has an endless supply of rats to chase, strings to bat and horses to befriend.

Yes, Ed has it made in the shade. In case you didn’t notice the first time, take a closer look at the video. Ed is curled on a neatly folded blanket that someone has placed on the seat of the tractor. Coincidence? Or loving co-worker? You be the judge.

At more than 44,000 views and hundreds of comments on Facebook, that’s one sensational cat-nap! Keep up the good work, Troop Cat Ed!

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