Dwarf Kitty Can’t Meow Or Jump And Needs Both Eyes Removed

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 29, 2024

Meet Pill Bug, a one-of-a-kind cat who has captured hearts with his determination and resilience. This four-year-old feline suffers from congenital dwarfism, leaving him the size of a small coffee tumbler. He’s unable to jump, meow, and he’s blind, but his loving mom, Brooke, adores him all the same. Pill Bug’s journey began when he was found in someone’s backyard, along with a litter of kittens. The mother cat was nowhere to be found, so a trapper rescued the litter and brought them to Brooke’s rescue group, Broken Tail Rescue.

Pill Bug was severely underweight and needed extra love and care, so he was placed in foster care while the other kittens were adopted. His foster mom went above and beyond to keep him alive during his first few weeks. She would carry him around at work in a hoodie and feed him with a syringe every hour. When Brooke saw Pill Bug, she knew she needed to have him in her life. She showed her husband a picture of the tiny kitten, and they both agreed to bring him home.

Pill Bug earned his unique name because he would curl up like a pill bug. His limited mobility means he cannot jump at all – not even over a shoe. When he runs, it’s almost like he’s hopping like a bunny. Brooke and her husband had to make some adjustments in their home to accommodate Pill Bug’s needs, such as creating stairs for him to reach his litter box and building a set of stairs to help him access a window perch.

Despite his challenges, Pill Bug can purr, although no one knows why he can’t meow. He enjoys spending hours on the couch with his family and has formed an incredible bond with Brooke’s husband. Pill Bug follows him around the house, rubbing on his legs and seeking attention. He’s so happy when he’s with his dad that he even drools!

Eventually, it was determined that Pill Bug was completely blind. He also began developing corneal ulcers, causing him pain. Brooke and her husband, along with their veterinarian, decided the best course of action was to remove both of Pill Bug’s eyes. Two weeks after the surgery, he seems like a whole new cat – happier and more comfortable.

Although Pill Bug’s health issues have made his life more challenging, he continues to defy the odds. Vets are curious about his future, as they don’t see him having a regular cat’s lifespan. However, with his loving family by his side, the future looks bright for this adorable cat.

We are so in love with Pill Bug and you will be too! Check out his full story by playing the video below. You can follow him on Instagram by clicking here. Thank you Brooke and family for giving this deserving cat and wonderful home!

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