Woman Destroys Part Of Her Home To Free Poly Kitten From A Wall

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 26, 2024

A compassionate woman in Sonoma, California, demolished part of her home to rescue a tiny polydactyl kitten she heard meowing inside. Shortly after, she discovered four more polydactyl babies in her garage. This caregiver, experienced with a local feral cat colony, knew she had to act swiftly. After freeing the kitten from the wall, she aptly named him Wally. The ginger and white kitten, just days old, was adorable! His extra toes only made him more charming. Unable to reach her local rescue, Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley, because it was after hours, she took Wally to Pet Food Express Sonoma.

The store manager, Bobby, agreed to foster him. Two weeks later, the rescuer found the rest of Wally’s litter in her garage, all sharing the same distinctive extra digits and coloring. With the mother cat still missing, she brought the kittens to Pets Lifeline for care and continued searching for their mother.

Eventually, she found the feral mother, also a polydactyl, and brought her to reunite with her kittens. “She was upset from the trip but shortly settled in with her babies,” Sara from Pets Lifeline reported to Love Meow. The mother cat was wary of humans but took on the role of nursing the kittens diligently.

Sara added that the kittens were thriving, growing bigger, and beginning to eat solid food. Plans were made for the kittens to enter foster care once weaned and to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. The mother cat would also be spayed.

Wally has been thriving under the care of the pet store manager, becoming the beloved mascot of Pet Food Express Sonoma. He enjoys playing with toys and has been welcomed by the manager’s other cat, Zeek.

“We hope that his brothers and sisters get adopted into loving homes and receive the same level of care we can provide,” said the manager, expressing his affection for Wally and anticipation for the kitten’s playful antics and future companionship.

UPDATE: All the kittens and their mama found their forever homes and are thriving thanks to the rescuer and Pets Lifeline.

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