Kitten’s Eyes Transform Into ‘Little Moons’ After He’s Struck By A Car

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 18, 2024

When Monica witnessed a tiny kitten being struck by a car, she couldn’t have anticipated that her act of rescue would lead to the rise of an online sensation. The kitten, Pico, was severely injured in the incident and slipped into a coma for nearly three days, during which Monica vigilantly stayed by his side, fearing the worst. Miraculously, the resilient kitten emerged from the coma, opening his vibrant green eyes. As Pico grew under Monica’s care, his life resembled that of any cherished house cat, filled with explorations and endless affection. However, a change in his eye condition started to concern Monica.


Pico’s eyes began to cloud over and swell. After a visit to the vet, it was confirmed that Pico was developing a condition common among cats, which led to his eyes turning milky and his vision fading. Despite this, Pico adapted, his adventurous spirit undimmed by his encroaching blindness. Pico’s distinctive look, reminiscent of celestial bodies with his large, moon-like eyes, quickly captured the hearts of social media users worldwide. Monica’s updates transformed Pico into a beloved figure online, earning him affectionate monikers such as ‘alien cat’ and ‘cosmic kitty.’ His story resonated with many, drawing admirers from far and wide.

However, when Pico began to show signs of discomfort and started to paw at his eyes, Monica knew immediate action was needed. The decision was made to consult with the veterinarian, who recommended that the best course of action would be to remove his eyes surgically to prevent further distress. Faced with this tough decision, Monica placed her trust in the medical professionals to ensure Pico’s well-being.

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After the surgery, Monica shared an update, expressing her relief and Pico’s resilience. Pico recovered, adapting quite well to his new reality. This update reassured her followers that, although Pico had gained fame for his unique appearance, the surgery was essential for him to continue leading a comfortable and healthy life.

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