Sweet Grandma Adopts Huge 42-Pound Cat and Helps Him Shed Nearly 20 Pounds

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 17, 2024

Patches, a cat weighing 42 pounds, started an amazing weight-loss journey when Kay, a kind-hearted woman, decided to change his life. Their journey over the year showed how dangerous pet obesity can be and highlighted the difference a caring owner can make. The story began on April 19th, when Kay got a surprising text from her daughter.

The text had a photo of Patches, who was very overweight, sent by an animal control officer. Kay felt a deep connection and a strong determination to help him. Skipping the usual adoption process, Kay went straight to meet Patches because she felt it was urgent. When she saw him, she was struck by his size and his sweet nature. As Patches cuddled in her lap, showing affection, Kay knew he was meant to be with her.

Bringing Patches home was exciting but also a bit of an adjustment as he met his new family members: Bella, a lively Yorkshire Terrier, and Wesley, another cat. At first, there was some tension, with Wesley hissing at the big newcomer. But soon, peace was established, and by the fourth day, Patches and Wesley were resting together, showing they accepted each other. Adjusting to his new home, Patches faced challenges because of his size.

He had trouble moving around and needed to rest often. Kay, being thoughtful, arranged his living space so that everything he needed was easy to reach, making his daily life easier. With her veterinarian’s help, Kay created a careful weight management plan for Patches. This plan included a balanced diet designed for safe weight loss. Over the months, this diet helped Patches lose weight and improved his ability to move around. Every small step in Patches’ progress was a reason to celebrate.

A big achievement was when he managed to climb onto a radiator cover during Christmas. This was more than just a physical success; it showed his growing strength and love for life. As Patches’ weight went down to about 25 pounds, his health checks showed no diabetes or thyroid problems. However, there were still concerns about his joint health from his heavier days. Regular vet visits were important to keep track of his health and continue his progress.

The bond between Kay and Patches grew stronger, filled with love and playful moments that made all the effort worth it. Kay hopes to help Patches reach a healthy weight of 20 pounds. Their ongoing journey of love, care, and perseverance continues to inspire, showing how helping a pet through a health challenge can bring you closer together.

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