Paradise: Hawaiian Island Hosts Sanctuary Where Visitors Can Play With Cats!

Tropical whether, breathtaking views, and an island sanctuary full of cats…what could get better than that?!

On the Hawaiian island of Lanai is the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, a 25,000 square foot haven where nearly 500 cats are free to roam and play, while remaining cared for and sheltered.

“In 2006, a colony of endangered Hawaiian Petrels was discovered on Lanai Hale. After this discovery, we reconsidered our approach of releasing the cats after they were spayed and neutered. We had to find a way to create a shelter where we could care for the cats for the rest of their lives, or until we could find homes for them,” explains the sanctuary’s website.

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The kitties get TLC from volunteers, but they also get lots of cuddles and love from island visitors! (And FYI: all the kitties are up for adoption!)

“The concept of an outdoor, cageless sanctuary was inspired by wildlife parks, budget realties, and Lanai’s near-perfect weather,” reads the site.

Folks, this must be what Heaven looks like…

This is so cool! Would you plan your vacation around visiting this gorgeous sanctuary? We know we would! 

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