Owner Can’t Leave Home Because His Kitties Are Too Sweet To Part With


It’s always nice to come home to our cats. We love when they greet us, get vocal and nuzzle us. No matter how tiring and stressful the day might have been, when our cats snuggle up with us on the couch we can’t help but relax and smile. On the other hand, we love it when they insist we stay home as well! Pets can change a persons mood drastically, even their point of view on life as we have seen with many of the pets rescuing humans stories. They are wonderful companions.

Every cat owner can relate to this video we have below. This turns into a routine procedure. As soon as we are all ready to head out for work, our kitties start giving us those big eyed stares, rubbing on our arms and hands, plopping down on our lap, or simply telling us not to go with their voices. Who else is guilty for being late for work because our kitties had us wrapped around their little bean shaped fingers? They never fail to help us start off our day right, none of us can blame this owner for having such a hard time separating. Just look at those sweet furry faces!

This is one of the reasons I could stay home all day and not feel lonely. Share with your kitty loving friends!

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