Overly Excited Dog Protects Kitten During A Lightning Storm

Often times, cats and dogs just can’t seem to get along. And we know why, because cats don’t always want to be messed with or have a dog up in their face bothering them. But, when cats and dogs can work it out amongst themselves and be friends, the results can warm even the coldest of hearts. When Reddit user Departments took some photographs of his two pets together, he never expected it to receive the attention that it did.

Sometimes pictures have the ability to capture expressions in a way that almost seems rehearsed, when really it is just captures little moments in time that we can remember each time we look back. With a caption that reads, “This overly excited dog protects a kitten during a lightning storm!” the internet went a little crazy for this cute twosome:

MmypREnvia imgur.com

Isn’t that just precious?! I can certainly see what all the fuss is about! Perhaps “overly excited” will be the next new internet sensation? We hope so because it’s totally positive and happy. But wait, there’s two more photos of this precious dog protecting his baby kitten:

dog protecting cat internet meme 21via imgur.com

dog protecting cat internet meme 15via imgur.com

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