Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Cat Food

| Published on August 15, 2014

Choosing the right food for our pets can be extremely difficult. It seems like a daunting task when there are so many strange ingredients we need to avoid, and so much learning to do about the differences between meats, meat meals and by-products. Don’t you wish someone would just share their favorites? Well that’s what we’ve done here. By no means are we saying these are definitely the best foods out there, and your choice should also likely include your veterinarian or a nutritional expert. But these are some of our favorites when it comes to cat foods, and we’d thought you might like to give them a try! Comment below with your favorites too!

#1 – The Honest Kitchen


Raw diets are arguably the best food we could ever feed our cats and dogs, but some people worry about what risks it might pose. Or maybe they simply don’t understand how to do it right and are worried they’ll be missing out on essential nutrients. No matter the reason, The Honest Kitchen makes it possible to feed the best available foods in an easy, clean fashion. They’re dehydrated formulas come from all human-grade meats, fruits, and veggies. They have a variety of options, and the cost is definitely reasonable for felines. The Honest Kitchen is one of the best pet food companies out there, providing owners the chance of complete, optimum diets. Just add water to the bowl of food and you’ve prepared a wonderful, soupy meal for your cat.

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#2 – Sojo’s


Sojo’s is another great option at the dehydrated raw diet, and their food has a chunkier consistency that The Honest Kitchen’s. Still the same idea, and ingredients that match in quality and nutrients, Sojo’s is an easy and safe way to provide your cat with an excellent raw diet.

#3 – Stella & Chewy’s

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If you don’t like the soupy consistency of dehydrated raw diets, Stella & Chewy’s offers great frozen and freeze-dried patties to feed to your hungry kitties. They contain high quality meats, fruits, and vegetables to offer the best nutrition. It still reaps all of the wonderful benefits of a raw diet without the worry of food safety.

#4 – Ziwipeak


Not everyone is acceptable of raw diets, and that’s fair. There are plenty of other options out there. Ziwipeak is probably one of the best foods you can feed outside of raw. They’re canned foods are premium quality, and they also offer a unique dried-food. Their “kibbles” are air-dried raw meats, preserving their nutrients far better than cooking. They offer a variety of proteins to keep your cats interested and their palates satisfied, and even recommend switching between them all.

#5 – EVO


EVO has long been thought to be one of the best canned and dried foods around. While canned foods always contain more meat and less carbs, EVO offers quality dried food as well. Containing multiple whole meat ingredients and very little meat meals and fillers, and lots of fruits and vegetables, this grain-free food is rich in protein and essential nutrients.

#6 – Orijen


Orijen is a Canadian company that’s making dry food the right way. Not only do they contain high-quality ingredients and cage-free meats, Orijen only uses products farmed, raised, and caught locally. All formulas are also grain free.

#7 – Acana


Acana is the sister company to Orijen, and also sources fresh ingredients from local farms, prairies, and water. Some Acana formulas include steel-cut oats as a low-glycemic source of grain, and no other fillers. Even better, Acana offers high-quality, limited ingredient formulas for cats who need some extra care in their nutrition.

#8 – Halo


Halo is probably one of the best chain-store available foods around. They offer both grain-free and grain-included formulas, if grains don’t bother your cat. Most importantly, the first ingredient is always whole, single-sourced protein and never meals or by-products. If you’re unable to get to a local feed store, Halo is an excellent choice that can be found in the more common chain stores.

#9 – Wellness CORE


Wellness in general is a very decent brand of food, but Wellness CORE is a grain-free option that uses higher-quality ingredients and more contains more nutrients and less fillers than the original variation. They offer more whole protein ingredients and less meat meals, and have just as much variety in the sources they use for meats. Overall, it’s an easily-accessible and good source of nutritious for our cats.

#10 – Natural Balance


Natural Balance is on this list because they are an affordable food company with a variety of options, and they pay close attention to the quality of their ingredients. There are more and more limited ingredient food companies out there, but Natural Balance offers one of the originals and one of the best. These foods are special for cats that have food allergies and need special diets. For others, they offer regular and grain-free formulas with a variety of protein sources to keep your cats happy and healthy.

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