8 Tricks for Dematting Your Cat

Those of us with long haired kitties know how hard it can be to keep them mat free, even with daily brushing. And, once they have a mat, getting it out can be difficult and painful. Here are some tips to getting those mats out.

#1 -Baby Powder

Baby Powder is one of the “best kept secrets” of the show dog world. It can really help loosen a mat. And bonus, your kitty will smell nice.

Image source: @Austinkirk via Flickr

#2 – Start From the Base

Start from the base of the mat using a straight comb. Once you get under the mat, hold the hair at the base of the mat near the skin (so you don’t pull their skin) and then slowly pull the comb up through the mat to loosen it.

Image source: Furminator


#3 – Split the Mats

Splitting the mat can make them easier to comb out. Use blunt-tipped scissors to cut the mats up, making them easier to comb out. Do this by placing one side of the blunt-end scissors through the underside of the mat (if there is room) and then pull up through the mat.

Image Source: Scaredycut.com


#4 – Cut the Mat

This dematting comb is good for thinner mats that are longer than they are thick. Its razor sharp teeth let you “saw” the mat away from the cat. Be careful! They are sharp and can cut you and your cat.

Image source: BaxterBoo

#5 – Leave in Detangler

Leave-in Detanglers can help make the mats slippery and therefore easier to come out. Show Sheen and Cowboy Magic are two that work great


#6 – Bath

Okay, so cats hate baths- but the water can help loosen mats. Just be sure you don’t rub the shampoo into the mats and don’t rub them with the towel afterward. Instead, pat dry or you will make the mats worse. If the mats are large, split before the bath.

Image Source: Amanda via Flickr

#7 – Dryer

If your kitty does not mind a puff of air on them, use a dryer on the cold or cool setting to push the mat loose. Using a dryer and the straight comb might be all you need to get mats out of a thin-haired cat.

Image source: @KurtLiu via Flickr


#8 – Pick

One of the common mistakes is people tend to just pull on the mat until it comes out, or their cat scratches them. Instead, pick at the mat slowly while holding the part closes to the cat’s skin. This will save more hair and won’t cause your cat as much discomfort.



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