Oprhaned Kitten Welcomed And Comforted By The Family’s Rescue Dog

| Published on November 26, 2015

Friendship knows no size nor age. When it comes to friendship, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or whether you’re from different species. And this kitten named Fitz and a dog named Puck are proof of that.

Fitz is an orphaned kitten. He became a family’s foster kitten when he was just two weeks old. Little did this orphaned kitty know that it was there with his foster family that he would find a best friend.

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Fitz met the family’s dog, Puck, who is also a rescue. The first time that Puck heard Fitz, she quickly comforted the little kitty–it’s like she knew that this kitty is an orphan and in desperate need of love.

The two bonded immediately and they became fast friends. In fact, Puck is more than just a friend to Fitz–she’s her big sister.

Puck comforts Fitz, gives him hugs and kisses, and provide him with all the love and affection that he needs.

The two just love each other’s company. They play together…

…they cuddle and snuggle with each other…

…and they sleep together!

Puck is so patient with Fitz; she puts up with his crazy little antics. Check out the video below!

These two are so great together, making us hope that the family will adopt Fitz, so the two won’t be separated.

If you want more of their cuteness, you can view more of Fitz and Puck’s adorable photos at their Instagram account!

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