Found In The Dirt And Debris, Rescue Kitten Proves He’s A Fighter

| Published on November 27, 2015

This is Digger–a small kitty who’s had a rough start in his life, but is very determined to live. Digger may be small, but don’t let his size fool you. This kitty is a fighter and a survivor.

Digger’s sister was found by workers when they were demolishing an old church. The workers heard another kitten crying but they couldn’t find him. The next day, when the workers came back to work, they found a little kitten trying to free himself from the dirt and debris. That kitten was Digger.

On Sunday the workers tearing down the old church in Doctors Cove found a small all black female kitten about one month…

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The workers called Brandi Nickerson–a volunteer of a rescue group named Animals In Need. Digger was injured so Brandi rushed him to the vet.

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Digger’s hind leg was injured. The rescue group’s Facebook post said, ‘…he (Digger) has a fracture on one back leg, has skin removed from two toes on his other back leg, and has trouble using one of his front legs.


But Digger is a fighter, so even though he was starving and hurt, Brandi never heard a peep out of him. Digger’s legs was then bandaged and he got fitted for a cast.


Despite his injuries, Digger wanted to enjoy life. He was friendly and very playful!

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Watch the video below and see how playful this adorable little darling is!

Butterscotch and I get to babysit Digger for the weekend!

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Digger has went through a lot at the start of his life, but his will to love was strong. And now, thanks to Animals In Need, Digger has recovered.

Digger’s life got even better, because this little cutie found a forever home! Here’s the update from the group’s Facebook page:

Digger is doing great … he has become a little climber loves being on top of everything and exploring … his legs…

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We are so happy for you, Digger! We wish you a long and happy life with your new family!

A big thank you to Animals In Need for saving this beautiful kitty!

You can read more about Digger’s story at The Dodo.