“No More” Bath Says This Cat!


If your cat doesn’t mind getting wet and is intrigued with the whole idea, consider yourself one lucky owner! A lot of cats tend to fight it with all of their energy, leaving you scratched and struggling. This little guy submitted but is begging this bath-giver to take him out of the sink. It would be hard to keep him in there after hearing that sweet voice!

If your cat isn’t anything like the one in this video.. You probably want to get out of bath time unscathed, so I suggest you try these tips next time your cat needs a good wash!

-Be prepared:

  • Trim their nails the day before so they have a chance to get a bit dull
  • Have one or two bath towels near the bathtub and your cat shampoo near you
  • Close the door while you are doing the bathing so they can’t run off if they get out of the tub/shower

Make things more comfortable for your cat:

  • Give them a treat before starting the bathing process
  • Set your shower head on a lower less threatening setting that will rain rather than rush out if you are using a shower head
  • Fill your tub up shallow with warm comfortable water, calmly place them in it
  • Use a big plastic cup to fill with warm water to rinse the soap off rather than using the shower head, this way there is no intimidating noises

Sometimes we just have to do it!

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