A No-Mess Way To Give Your Kitty The Raw Meat She Craves

You know how important meat is in a cat’s diet. Have you thought about switching to raw, but you’re afraid of the mess it might make? Are you already feeding your cat a raw diet, and you’re looking for a quick cat treat that won’t be messy? Read on for a simple solution!

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have to have meat in their diet.  Their digestive system has evolved in a way that they can’t produce amino acids and vitamins themselves since they are getting those from the prey that they eat. Arginine and taurine, for example, are critical for keeping cats alive and are only found in the animals that cats eat.

Cats also have an extremely short digestive tract that is perfect for digesting meat. Plant matter requires a much longer digestive tract in order to extract any nutrition. Protein is so important to cat health that they will start to break down their own organs and muscle if they don’t eat enough of it. They aren’t designed to get any nutrition from carbohydrates.

Sure, kibble contains protein. But studies have shown that cats digest the protein from real meat – whether it’s cooked or raw – much better than the protein found in kibble.

For some, the convenience of kibble will never be outweighed, and that’s okay, too. In that case, supplementing your cat’s diet with treats that are made from 100% real meat is a great way to add real meat to their diet.

So what is this no-mess way to get real meat into your cat’s diet?  

Single ingredient freeze dried treats are a great way to give your cat the real meat she craves without the mess of raw meat. They’re full of essential nutrients and are grain-free, gluten-free, and guilt-free. The process of freeze-drying the meat helps seal in the nutrition and allows the treats to be stored without refrigeration, so they’re convenient to take with you everywhere.

With 4 flavors – chicken, ahi tuna, rabbit, and minnows – even the pickiest felines will find something to love! These treats are free of added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or anything artificial, so you know you’re giving your cat the best.

What’s even better than giving your cat the raw meat she needs and wants? Each purchase supports The Big Cat Rescue Corp AND feeds 5 shelter cats!

Click here to learn more about these delicious treats!

(H/T: Feline Nutrition)

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