No Cat Too Cute, No Space Too ‘Smol’

Tired of stuffing awkward-shaped gifts into boxes and wrangling them with fancy wrapping paper?

Then take a break and look at these crazy cats stuffing themselves into awkward spaces certainly not made to fit a feline. With just under 250 bones comprising their skeletons, cats are masters of contortion. Sometimes, their choice of perch makes no sense to the human mind, but it does make for great photo opportunities.

Check out these silly cats living life by the ‘If I fits, I sits’ rule.

The Vet Nottingham/Facebook

Glass bowls make excellent cat containers. Any size, any shape will do.


Cats sleeping in awkward positions/Facebook

Family Cats/Facebook

Really, any container will do for a cat looking to get comfy…


…even if the physics of the situation don’t seem logical. How is all that cat in such a small spot?


Sometimes, a kitty needs a snack and fetching the treat means a tight squeeze…


Bathrooms provide plenty of ‘smol’ sitting spaces for kitties too.

VCA Cat Hospital of Chicago (4040)/Facebook


Baskets work for a rest too. Even if the basket is part of the clean dishes.



Kitties will even wriggle into clothes and make them fit just right for a nap.

Cute Cats Here/Facebook

Look at this doll in a too small house…

We Luv Cats/Facebook

If need be, one box works for the whole brood…

LOL Riot/Pinterest

Sometimes siblings will offer help getting into a small space. Take this duo for example, a determined kitty can make the other one fit…

Cat vs. World/Facebook

Why Do Cats Squish into Too Small Spaces?

Is there a reason or are they just weird little creatures capable of stealing human hearts?

The behavior is more than just an adorable quirk. Cats are highly alert predators always on the look out for danger. When the time comes for a snooze, felines need security. The tight squeeze of containers, baskets, bowls, boxes, anything with sides really, offers a cat the quiet, safe space needed for relaxation. And, as much as cats nap, security is a matter of utmost importance.

Alright, time to put down your phone and get back to the holiday wrapping. Pick up with the present for your cat. Find the most bizarre container in your home and wrap the gift in it. Your cat will have a blast squirming into the impossible space to investigate their prize. Have your camera ready!

Feature Image:@jhaodennell/Instagram  and @misswhitewhisker/Instagram

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