Watchful Tuxedo Cat Sits On His Stoop And Guards The Neighborhood

Imgur user ktlljhnsn – also known as Katie – spent three years attempting to win over a very important member of her community. He is the self-appointed head of the local Neighborhood Watch and he takes his job very seriously.

His name is Minkus, and each day he perches his massive black and white body atop his owners’ stoop, surveying the world around him.

Image Credit: Imgur/ktlljhnsn


Katie began referring to her neighbors’ cat as Minkus before she learned the “lackluster” monicker given to him by his owners. Even though she now knows his true name, she continues to refer to him as Minkus, because, well, does this guy look like a “Fluffy” to you??

Image Credit: Imgur/ktlljhnsn


Now that Katie has earned the longhaired cutie’s hard-won affections, Minkus makes it a point to hop down from his stoop and greet her. Check out his epic purr!

He may look pretty cuddly with that bubblegum nose and luxurious whiskers, but when it comes to protecting his community, Minkus is all business!

Image Credit: Imgur/ktlljhnsn


In fact, he has a message for all the sidewalk-pooping pups, trash-picking racoons, and littering humans out there:

“Not in my neighborhood, meow!”

Image Credit: Imgur/ktlljhnsn


So before you pass by Minkus’ stoop, remember: Neighborhood Watch Cat sees all!


H/T to Love Meow


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