Neighborhood Has Been Plagued By Cat Burglar For Many Years

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 25, 2024

In the lively and peaceful town of Katy, Texas, people were confused by their things disappearing. When they checked security cameras, they found out the surprising truth.

The thief was a cat named Cleo.

Cleo’s owner, Jeanne Wheat, is both amused and sorry about her cat’s actions. She says, “I feel compelled to apologize because some of the items he’s ‘recovered,’ like a pair of expensive women’s shapewear, are quite a loss.”

At first, Cleo was happy just relaxing at home and playing with his toys. But one day, he started stealing things from the neighbors.

Cleo’s stealing got worse during the summer.

“This summer, while we were away, he became quite bold with his thievery,” Wheat says. “Some neighbors even told me that he made a dramatic entrance through their open windows.”

Yes, Cleo isn’t just any thief; he climbs walls and sneaks through windows to collect his stolen treasures.

Cleo loves mice, but not the kind you might think.

“He once made off with a computer mouse, still in its packaging,” Wheat recalled.

So, if you’re missing a computer mouse and live in Katy, Cleo might be the one who took it.

As Cleo’s reputation grew, Wheat felt a bit embarrassed. To make up for it, she washed all the stolen items and put them outside her house with a sign that said, “I apologize on his behalf. Please come and reclaim your belongings.”

It was like a reverse yard sale, thanks to Cleo’s stealing.

You might think the neighbors would be angry, but they weren’t. Cleo became a local celebrity, making everyone laugh.

Cleo even became famous online. “The most discussed topic on our neighborhood’s Facebook page,” Wheat proudly says.

His fame led to some fun projects. The community made T-shirts with Cleo on them, and part of the money went to a local animal shelter.

“Everyone just finds it delightful and amusing,” Wheat said, amazed at how Cleo’s naughty behavior turned into something good.

Dr. Roberta Westbrook from the Houston SPCA explains Cleo’s behavior: “I’ve seen this behavior in cats with a strong substrate affinity.”

This means cats like certain surfaces for scratching, digging, or using the bathroom. Knowing what a cat likes can help give them the right things to play with and stop them from doing bad things.

Even though Cleo is famous and loved, Wheat has tried to stop him from stealing.

“I scolded him a bit, hoping we could break the habit,” Wheat admits. “But then I realized it was a futile effort. After all, he’s essentially a teenager.”

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