Balled Up, Abandoned Kitten Unfurled Himself When Woman Came Near

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 5, 2024

On a cold, windy day, a woman named Kayleigh stumbled upon a tiny kitten huddled up in a ball, all alone with no mother or siblings in sight. Concerned for the poor creature, she sent a picture to her boyfriend, Matt. They both hoped that the kitten’s mother would return, but when the next day came, the kitten was still in the same spot. Realizing that this little creature needed help, Kayleigh and Matt decided to take the kitten to the vet. The poor thing had worms and was quite ill, taking a few months to regain his health and begin looking normal. It took time for the kitten, the couple named Mowgli, to have enough energy to play and explore, but eventually, he began to realize that Kayleigh and Matt were not going to hurt him.

During this time, Kayleigh was going through a difficult period in her life, as her brother had passed away the previous year. The presence of the kitten played an essential role in her emotional growth and healing process. Mowgli quickly became attached to his new family, always wanting to be with Kayleigh and Matt. The couple would even take him out on a harness, allowing him to explore and climb his favorite tree.

Mowgli’s social life began to flourish as well. Despite not being particularly fond of other cats, Mowgli took a liking to a cat that lived in their complex. This friendly feline, whom they nicknamed Bam Bam, even entered their home through a window one day—from that moment on, Mowgli and Bam Bam developed a special bond and a unique routine, playing together and bringing joy to both Kayleigh and Matt.

The couple is so smitten with Mowgli, and he is head over paws in love with his parents. The once abandoned and sad little kitten’s days are now filled with comfort, playtime, and appreciation. Not a day goes by where Kayleigh and Matt regret their decision to adopt Mowgli. He really is one special feline!

Check out the video below to see Mowgli’s rescue and transformation. Thank you to Kayleigh and Matt for opening their hearts and home to a kitten in need.

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