Homeless Ginger Kitten Came To Woman For Nibbles But Scurried Away After

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 5, 2024

When Ellen stumbled upon a stray Ginger cat, she knew she had to help. The tiny feline, who appeared to be about 12 weeks old, would run up to Ellen, take some food, and then scurry away. Understanding that the cat needed assistance, Ellen brought her home and placed her in the garage to protect her other cat from potential illnesses. The first time Ellen got to pet the stray she named Nala, the kitty immediately took to the affection. After two weeks in the garage and a visit to the vet, Nala was cleared to enter the main house. Within minutes, the sweet feline jumped into Ellen’s lap, rolled into her arms, and nuzzled her. It was at that moment that Ellen knew she had to keep the cat, who proved to be incredibly affectionate, loving, and snuggly.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Ellen’s other cat, another Ginger named Diggle, had been waiting behind the door, eager to meet his new companion. Love may be blind, but cats have a special way of sensing each other. Diggle would bring his toys to the door, and the two cats would swat at each other underneath it. This adorable interaction went on for weeks, and their bond grew stronger each day.

When the door finally opened, and the cats could see each other, it was a heartwarming moment. Diggle looked at Nala in awe. They locked eyes, clearly excited to meet. Although Nala was cautious, she was eager to get to know Diggle. Introducing a new pet into a home can be a daunting experience, but seeing the two cats together, Ellen knew that Diggle’s life had improved.

The way he looked at the Ginger cat was unlike anything Ellen had seen before – he was completely smitten with her. It was as if the two cats had known each other in a past life. The love that Diggle and Nala share has undoubtedly enriched their lives, as well as Ellen’s. To see Nala’s rescue and witness the two cats meeting for the first time, scroll down to the video below.

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