Mom Checks Baby Cam Late at Night, Finds Cat Cuddling with Baby

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 30, 2024

Luna the cat is well aware that she shouldn’t be in baby Kallie’s crib, but she’s banking on the idea that what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt. However, mom Kelly De Alba is always in the loop! She shared with The Dodo:

“I got a notification…so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over her.”

Although Luna can’t explain herself beyond a few meows, the baby cam in Kallie’s room reveals everything about the bond between the two.

“She lights up anytime I talk about Luna or bring her near.”

From the start, two things are clear in this heartwarming tale of a baby girl and her feline friend:

First, Kallie is undoubtedly a cat lover from birth.

Given her comfort around Luna, she might have been a Pharaoh in a previous life.


The affection is genuine!
Luna adores snuggling and is incredibly sweet. She even enjoys cuddling with the older kids in the house but clearly has a special affection for one particular human.

“Honestly, she always veers back to baby. From the start it always kind of been Kallie’s cat.”

Despite the occasional discomfort due to Kallie’s surprisingly strong fingers, Luna remains patient.

“How gentle Luna is with her amazes me. Kallie can pull on her fur and Luna doesn’t even flinch.”

Luna seems to know that one day Kallie will adore her even more, so she patiently waits.

It turns out, Luna is the perfect babysitter!
“If I put a blanket down she’s laying on the blanket right next to her, just watching. If I go away, Luna is within a foot or two. It’s like, ‘My turn to watch.’”

Who needs a baby monitor when you have a protective and sweet cat like Luna?

Not only that, Luna also serves as a living, breathing stuffed animal, always there to keep her best friend safe and warm.

Luna joined the family after mom visited the shelter looking for a furry companion.

“Right after I had Kallie I started going to the shelter, and they said that they had a cat they wanted to show us, and that’s when they brought in Luna, and, I mean she instantly was on Kallie’s car seat.”

Luna is almost like a baby herself, making her the perfect companion for Kallie.

“Everyone always said, ‘The cat will pick you,’ and she did.”

And she chose perfectly, finding the ideal friend to spend time with.

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