Golden Retriever Puppy Not Happy to Find Cat in Her Bed

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 30, 2024

Introducing Mia, an exuberant golden retriever puppy, and Simon, a discerning cat.

The pair have recently been introduced, and while Mia is eager to make friends, Simon remains cautious about the playful newcomer.

Mia is enthusiastic about engaging with her new companion, but Simon is still pondering his feelings about the energetic puppy.

While Simon is lounging and dozing in his cozy, perfectly-sized bed, Mia, the adorable and fluffy puppy, interrupts him in an attempt to snuggle up. Displaying her boldness, Mia nudges and paws at Simon to encourage him to vacate what she believes is her bed.

Though the two animals appear to get along reasonably well, it’s crucial to supervise their interactions until it’s clear they are comfortable with each other. According to, a gradual introduction is recommended so both pets can adapt to the new family member. It’s evident that Mia and Simon have met before; Mia is eager to play, while Simon is more reserved.

Mia is adamant that the bed and the cactus chew toy belong to her. Conversely, Simon has claimed the bed as his own. Anyone familiar with cats knows that once they find a cozy spot, they are hard to move. Occasionally, it seems Mia wants to share, but Simon isn’t interested. A few quick swipes on the nose send Mia retreating.

This doesn’t deter Mia, who continues to express her dissatisfaction. Despite her frustration, Mia’s tail keeps wagging. Simon, though clearly unamused, doesn’t get aggressive. He swats the puppy away or ignores her completely. Nevertheless, Mia is determined to reclaim her bed.

Golden retrievers are known for their intelligence, and Mia exemplifies this by abandoning her vocal protests and attempting to physically push Simon out of the bed. Even then, Simon remains unbothered, pretending she doesn’t exist.

Finally, after several minutes of persistence, Mia triumphs! Simon, tired of the disturbance, finds a new place to sleep. However, Mia isn’t ready to let him go just yet. As Simon moves to his large cat tree, Mia follows.

Fortunately for Simon, Mia is too large to fit into the hidey-hole he selects for his nap.

Cats and dogs make wonderful pets, and these lucky owners are fortunate that their two animals seem to get along well. With many years ahead of them, Mia and Simon will have plenty of time to adjust to each other and hopefully come to an agreement about their sleeping arrangements.

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