Mighty Musette Made It Thanks To Your Purchases

Special needs kittens require all the help they can get and because you purchase adorable merchandise from iHeartCats.com, kitty babies in need are getting the second chance they deserve. Rescued kittens, like Musette of Gypsy Cats, thank you for this generosity.

Thanks to a partnership between iHeartCats.com and GreaterGood.org, part of every purchase made goes to shelters striving to give cats and kittens forever homes. The Rescue Bank, a pet food distribution initiative in the GreaterGood family, has fed shelter animals over 80 million meals since its beginnings in 2011. By simply shopping with us, you helped elevate that number further.

Image Credit: Gypsy Cats

Thanks to donations of food from the Rescue Bank, cat rescue groups can continue making the difference in the lives of cats in need. Gypsy Cats in Chicago, IL, receives Rescue Bank food donations and from the money saved on buying food, the group can spend funds on medical attention for sick kittens.

Plus, as Gypsy Cats shares, “The quality of food that we continue to receive from Rescue Bank has been critical and helping us save the amount of special needs kittens that come through our rescue.”

Image Credit: Gypsy Cats

These good eats help kittens grow big and strong, giving them the chance at a life once not likely. Musette is one of these second-chance success stories thanks to the kind hearts of Gypsy Cats and the donations from Rescue Bank. Her story might have had a far different ending without cat lovers driven to save lives.

Mighty Musette

When a call came from the Chicago Animal Control, Gypsy Cat staff learned the facility had a kitten in trouble. The baby was “described as having a weakness in her back legs.” But the truth was far more serious. “In fact, upon arrival, we found that Musette could not use her back legs at all.”

The tiny kitten was rushed to the ER, where she stayed for three days and received a blood transfusion. “Mighty Musette” may have only been 8 ounces when she came into Gypsy Cat’s care, but her will was as strong as any jungle tiger’s.

Image Credit: Gypsy Cats

Thanks to love and good food, staff is “happy to report that Musette continues to gain strength in her back legs and is now mobile though still considered handicapped. Her enlarged heart is starting to regulate, which we believe is due to the excellent nutrition she is currently receiving.”

And the good news just keeps coming! At a recent visit with her specialist, the growing kitten received an “excellent health report”. She also learned her weight has soared to almost 3lbs.!

Image Credit: Gypsy Cats

Musette thanks you from the bottom of her plumping belly and so does Gypsy Cat. “Without the support of Rescue Bank, we would not be able to do the critical care work that we do in rescuing the special-needs kittens. Providing excellent nutrition, we believe, is key in helping these difficult cases take a positive turn.”

Thank you for your purchases and knowing every kitty matters. Happy shopping!

Feature Image: Gypsy Cats

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