Mother Cat Carries Sick Kitten To Human Hospital, Places Her At Nurse’s Feet

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 29, 2024

A remarkable event unfolded when a mother cat brought her ailing kitten to the emergency room of a (human) hospital, capturing the hearts of many on social media. The story, shared by thousands across social media platforms and liked by over 82,000 people on Reddit, showcased the instinctual concern of the mother for her offspring. Merve Ozkan, who initially shared the touching photos on Twitter, captured the moment the cat mom carried her kitten into the human ER. The images quickly circulated, showing paramedics gathered around the feline family, eager to assist.

The Turkish media reported that the medical team promptly intervened, examining the kitten for any visible health issues while the concerned mother watched closely, never allowing her baby out of sight. To comfort the mother cat during the examination, the staff provided her with milk and food. This act of kindness underscored the empathetic response of the hospital staff and highlighted the communal respect for animals in Turkey, where it’s common for residents to leave food and water out for stray animals.

Following the initial medical attention, both cats were reported to be in stable condition but were still sent to a veterinary clinic for further evaluation to ensure their well-being. This incident not only became a sensation on Turkish news outlets but also resonated widely on social media. Many people praised the paramedics and hospital staff for their compassionate actions. Others shared similar stories, reflecting on the widespread appreciation for the care shown towards stray animals in Istanbul.

The photos and story posted in the video below are nothing short of miraculous. The stray mother cat understood that the hospital is where ill people go for help and took her kitten there for treatment. This proves that cats are intelligent, compassionate creatures with a deep understanding of the world. Isn’t this mama cat incredible?

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