Meowing Kitten Approaches Woman, Holds On To Her, Asking For Help

| Published on February 11, 2016

Most of the time, rescuers have to go and approach an animal to rescue him/her. But that’s not what happened between the woman and the kitty in the story below. The kitten was the one calling out for help, and was even the one who approached the woman and asked for her help.

The tiny kitten was on the street, meowing loudly; it’s like he’s crying for help. A woman named Steff was inside her home when she heard his loud meowing. The kitten’s cry for help prompted her to go outside, and that’s when she saw the poor kitty.

All swaddled up after stuffing his face ☺️

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Steff told LoveMeow, “His loud crying is what made me go outside, then I saw him, he saw me, and came towards me.” She tried to find if there was a mama cat or if the kitten had siblings. But she couldn’t find them anywhere.

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She held the kitten in her hand, and then a very precious thing happened–the kitten held onto her hand as well. It was as that moment that she knew that she was going to save this kitten. So she took the kitten to her home, and named him Sirius.

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Sirius was infested with fleas, and he was very hungry. Steff fed him with canned food diluted with water.

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She then gave Sirius a warm bath. And after his bath, Sirius took a relaxing nap.

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Steff documented the rescue from the day she picked him up on the streets. Watch the video below and see little Sirius grow!

Awwwww…Sirius found himself a wonderful mom, and he’s definitely not letting her go!

A big thank you to Steff for rescuing Sirius! You are a wonderful human being! We sure hope that there are more people like you in this world!

For more updates on Sirius, visit Steff’s Instagram account!

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