Cat’s Quest for Uppies Goes Unnoticed, Yet Her Charms Remain Unstoppable

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 4, 2024

Cat enthusiasts are well aware that felines have a unique approach to communicating their desires. This is especially true when they’re in the mood for some affection, as demonstrated by the cat in the accompanying video. Introducing Mei, a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat skilled in the art of subtly drawing her dad’s attention. Mei’s tactics didn’t achieve the expected outcome in one of the fam’s TikTok videos despite her efforts. She likely wished for her dad to embrace her for the rest of the evening, but her gentle approach might have been too subtle. Where was all the meowing, Mei?

Her dad was occupied talking to someone off-screen, suggesting Mei could have perhaps been a bit more assertive. A soft nudge on his leg or a meow might have been more effective. Nonetheless, Mei’s earnest attempt has amused more than two million viewers.

This charming, fluffy feline was captured on video standing on her hind legs, softly pawing at the air, trying to garner some affection from her dad. Her white paws against her orange fur give the impression she’s wearing cute little mittens. The video’s caption, “Always trying to get dad’s attention,” accurately depicts Mei’s constant efforts to be close to her humans, desiring cuddles and companionship.

Despite her irresistibility, Mei’s owners highlight the importance of not succumbing to every whim, as much as they adore her. They emphasize that while Mei receives plenty of love and cuddles daily, indulging her every wish could lead to carrying her around all day long. They do promise that Mei is loved and cherished and that her affections are reciprocated as much as possible!

To see the adorable interaction, play the TikTok video below. Their channel is also loaded with videos of Mei getting tons of hugs and kisses.

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