Kitten Abandoned In A Tissue Box Grapples With Life-Threatening Illness

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 7, 2024

This story is one of triumph, tenacity, and unwavering love! Every individual is capable of helping animals in need and when someone opens their heart to do so, a life is forever changed. A dedicated rescuer received a call from an animal control officer about a kitten that had been abandoned in a tissue box at a Petco store. The poor little kitten, later named Hank, was covered in fleas and had a severe eye infection even before her eyes had opened. Despite her health issues, the rescuer took her in and embarked on a challenging journey to save Hank’s life.

While teaching a workshop in New York, the rescuer was approached by shelter employees who asked if she would like to take in three more kittens. The plan was for two of them to be adopted together and the third to join Hank. However, things took a turn for the worse when Hank fell seriously ill.

Hank was diagnosed with panleukopenia, a highly contagious and deadly virus that affects cats. It is estimated that 90% or more of infected kittens will not survive. The rescuer was devastated but determined to do everything in her power to save Hank. She quickly developed an action plan and began a fierce battle against the virus.

The fight against panleukopenia was challenging, as the virus attempts to dehydrate the kitten, and the rescuer had to constantly replenish Hank with fluids. She meticulously kept notes on everything that was happening with Hank, unsure if she would survive. But then, Hank had her first solid bowel movement, which may sound odd to celebrate, but for unhealthy kittens, it’s an indicator of their overall improvement. This milestone gave the rescuer hope.

Hank continued to fight the virus, and by Christmas, she had survived. The rescuer was overjoyed to share a special moment with her under the Christmas tree, describing Hank as a “little superhero kitten.” Shortly after Hank’s recovery, the rescuer received a call from the person who adopted one of the other kittens, Kodiak. Unfortunately, things weren’t working out, and the adopter wanted to return Kodiak. The rescuer was initially upset but quickly focused on reuniting Hank and Kodiak.

On their first day back together, Kodiak seemed a little down and wasn’t purring. However, by the second day, it was clear that the two kittens had formed a strong bond. Kodiak brought out Hank’s playful side, and the two developed an important friendship.

The rescuer planned to find a loving home for both Hank and Kodiak and while it’s emotional to say goodbye to any foster cat, she knew that they had overcome incredible odds together. Kodiak and Hank found their forever home together where the pair continue to thrive! They’re still inseparable and their new parents cherish every moment with them.

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