Shunned By Family’s Cat, Couple Took Him To Shelter To Pick Out A Friend

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 8, 2024

Cats deserve to be treasured. No matter their circumstances, once a family adopts a cat, it’s a vow to love them forever! We wish all humans kept this promise. Martin, a sweet feline, lived with his initial owner for a while. Unfortunately, the man mistreated Martin, often forcing him out of the house, which led to Martin catching an infection on the streets, harming his eyesight. Rather than seeking medical care, the owner kicked him out. Thankfully, a neighbor noticed the cat roaming about and took him to a shelter where vets tried to treat him. But his vision couldn’t be saved.

Eventually, Martin was adopted by the Tucker family, who already had an older cat named Miss Kitty. Wanting to alleviate Miss Kitty’s loneliness, the Tuckers hoped Martin would be a companion for her. However, things didn’t go as planned. Miss Kitty didn’t welcome Martin and exhibited dominance over him, leading to conflicts.

Despite the challenges, the Tuckers grew fond of Martin and didn’t want to return him to the shelter. They showered him with attention, but Miss Kitty’s behavior made Martin sad. To address the situation, the Tuckers decided to introduce another cat into the household, hoping he would get along with Martin and Miss Kitty.

Bringing Martin along, they searched for a kitty who would treasure Martin as he deserved. They met Pinkerton and thought he’d make an excellent addition to the family. Initially, neither Martin nor Miss Kitty paid much attention to the newcomer, except for Pinkerton, who eagerly befriended Martin. Pinkerton acted as Martin’s protector and guide, helping him navigate the new environment and keeping aggressive animals at bay.

The cats bonded well, and the Tuckers decided to keep Pinkerton. Back home, Martin assumed the role of protector for Pinkerton, who initially felt scared and hid. Over time, Martin comforted Pinkerton and showed him around the house, avoiding conflicts with Miss Kitty.

As days passed, the cats grew closer, spending most of their time together and forming a strong bond. We are so happy for this family, especially Martin, who had needed a close friend all along.

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