Man Climbs Down Shaft To Rescue Cat, But It Takes An Unexpected Turn

These construction workers found a cat at the bottom of this hole. The poor kitty looked scared, crouched in a corner and apparently stuck. The walls of the hole go straight up several feet – high enough that the cat would have to be some sort of magician to find his way out on his own.

The workers did exactly what any of the rest of us would do if we saw a cat in distress: we’d help! They put a ladder down the hole, which is so deep it barely reached the bottom!

What the cat does next is incredible and totally unexpected. Just take a look:

Source: Man Climbed Down A Shaft To Rescue Fallen Cat, But She Had Other Plans by ViralHog on Rumble

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. This is what people mean when they say “cat-like-reflexes!”

We need a slow-motion replay!

So… the cat was a magician!

Maybe the cat thought of the hole as more of a box and decided to settle in the way any cat would! He wasn’t stuck – he was just enjoying the solitude of his box!

We’ve seen a thousand and one rescues. We’ve seen big rescues and small rescues. Rescues from snow, rain, heat. Just when you think you’ve seen everything – you see something like this! This rescue surprised even us.

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